Defending Consumers Nationwide Against Debt collectors


Are you facing a lawsuit from a Debt collector or credit card company? Center Pointe Law is dedicated to defending individuals against credit card companies, Debt collectors and their attorneys. Center Pointe Law will step in at any point in your case for a free consultation to find out how to help YOU–in or out of court. Even if you’ve already had your wages garnished, received a default judgment, received a summons, or missed your court date in a debt collection lawsuit–call us to find out how we can help.

Our Practice Areas

Garnishment Reversal and Relief

Nightmare Scenario #1 : You check your bank balance on payday. Instead of the hundreds or thousands of dollars you expect, you find a ZERO BALANCE.

Credit Card/Medical Center Pointe Law

If you are being sued by a Debt collector, FIGHT BACK and you may save thousands. A money judgment is likely to be followed by a garnishment of your wages (up to 25%.)

Debt collector Harassment

At Center Pointe Law, we realize that if you are dealing with Debt collectors and their lawyers, you may be experiencing harrassment by home telephone, by cell phone, or by mail.


Whether you are being sued by a credit card company, debt collector, junk debt buyer, debt collection agency, or other type of lender, be confident that we have years of experience fighting against these companies and their lawyers in and out of court. Or, if you are looking for help settling a debt with a credit card company, Center Pointe Law can contact the debt collectors’ lawyers on your behalf to work out a settlement that is FAIR for YOU–so you will no longer have to listen to the abusive debt collectors that have been contacting you at home or at work.

Client Feedback

Leslie J.

Great lawyer and the staff is very knowledgeable.
I will definitely recommend them, and a big THANK YOU for helping me when I needed it most.
My best wishes and blessings to Robert and his staff.

Kathryn N.

They helped me apply for my student forbearance and forgiveness when I was a single mom. Friendly and informative service. Call them today!

Paulo A.

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided.Thank you for the quality of your work, the attention you presented, and the outstanding form in which you treat and answer your client’s questions. I am very grateful for the achieved results and would like to congratulate you on your success!